September 26, 2004
Weekend in Pictures

If I could think of anything coherent to say after a full weekend and 5 glasses of wine and a call in to work tomorrow? I SOOOO would. Instead, I'll leave you with some pictures of how DH and I partied like it was 1999 from Friday until, say, tomorrow at 5 am when we have to get down to business. And party like it's 2004 or whatever. To err is human, to forgive divine, and I beg of you all forgiveness for my lackadasicalialityismness. RREOWR!
Melon and apple scented condoms. The melon looks disturbingly like a 7th grade drawing of a hairy ball. Would you suck on that? More importantly, do you want your private parts to smell like melon? I imagine it would *ahem* have the same effect on both sexes. The giver and the receiver. AND, AND! FUCKING! AND! Have you SEEN a melon with cracks in it like that? I find this highly disturbing, y'all. It's rumored to be melon flavored, but with packaging like that...well, fuck! Who can get past the damn packaging? I certainly can't. And only for a dollar! Maybe I should start an e-bay store.
Need I state the obvious? WOODY. Natural. Holy. Fucking. SHIT. Who thinks of this stuff? /removing mind from gutter/
Sumo wrestler ramen noodles. I don't know when the last time y'all associated large muscular men in thongs with food, but hey! who am I to ask/judge/argue?

Monday, monday! Maybe I'll blog something of substance. Y'all will just have to come back now and see.

::standing on porch:: "Y'all come back now, ya hear?"

Alex | 09:10 PM |


I'm learning so much and getting cultured too! Keep up the good work ;-)

comment by Surfcat at 01:01 AM on 09.28.04 [ link ]

So what does a natural woody smell like? Apple or melon?

comment by Howard at 04:27 AM on 09.28.04 [ link ]

wanna hear something sad? i recognize that sumo dude. he's a big deal (bad pun) because, i believe, he's the first American Born Yokozuna (highest rank in Sumo). he's from Hawai'i.

comment by mikey at 06:05 AM on 09.29.04 [ link ]
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