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Doin' the time to get the dime. Her Momma did NOT raise her to drink cheap champagne.

April 12, 2004


Okay, okay so I suck (Mean people suck, NICE PEOPLE SWALLOW) . Nothing bugs me more than checking my favorite blogs daily and seeing SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT. The same thing. Three days in a row. Funny thing about us bloggers, sometimes life gets in the way. I hope I will be forgiven for my discrepancies. I could say that I was unable to get to the computer for various reasons like the fact that an incredible lake grew in between my room and the computer and a huge purple alligator lived in it and every time I TRIED! SO! DAMN! HARD! to get here, he would snap at my toes. And I love my toes. All 12 of them. OR, I could just tell you that I had a good friend get back from the desert, we went out and got hammered (lay down in a flowerbed and take pics hammered) (start fights with men that are 3X your size hammered), and then I had Easter Dinner and homework. You choose...

And don't say I never did anything for you. I'm like one of those write your own adventure books. Does TCWH have a couple drinks and stay home? Or does she down three bottles of champagne with good friend, leave D.H. to sleep, and go out and make a general ass of herself? I've a good mind to equip all blog readers with cattle prods so that I can call them and say, "Don't let me go out, give me a BUZZ!" I do not need to be out and cavorting about where there are high school students drunkenly milling about alternating between puking and trying to pick up the "juicy girls" and each club might as well be renamed horny boy central. Oh yeah, Italian Starlette saw a guy get stabbed down there. Nothing like a little yakuza and russian whores with your sake. THPT.

THe best part is running into the people that you danced like a whore in front of at the hospital, the gym, the pool, the grocery store, Taco get my drift, yes? All I can do is hope that they were as inebriated as I was.

D.H.'s impending departure has me in a mood. I remember what it is like to go to sleep and wake up days and days and days in a row without having my stomach go into butterflies when he walks in the door. I am still such a dork that I get excited and run to the door whenever my husband gets home. This is probably what my blog will look like while he's gone, so be prepared:

The military sucks. Clever, yes?

I will leave you with these thoughts, as I have yet to dig myself out from my Arizona history course. BARTENDER!!!!

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on April 12, 2004 10:18 AM Alicia said:

I just had to laugh at your comment about running into others you do crazy drunk (sorry, inebriated) things with.

I used to go out a lot with my buddy in Seattle a few years ago, did some crazy things. I was standing in line at Target (in Southern California now) the other night, looking at the guy in front of me wondering why he looked SO familiar. I didn't realize who he was until I got home and started flipping through my older pictures to scrap. Doh! I still can't remember his name, but there he was, one of the "guys from 13th" that we partied with (and obviously took oodles of picture of). Dang...of all the places to run into him, lol.

It can happen!

on April 12, 2004 10:24 AM rachel said:

I have never had anything like that happen to me because I never do odd strange things like that..

YAH F*CKIN RIGHT... anyway glad to see you're doin okay. Last time i talked to you you mentioned beer so i figgered ya was in a gutter somewhere.. quite possible you were and you're holding out on me.. I wanna be in a gutter.. i had a lousy easter and not even an easter basket.. awwww f*ckit all i'm goin ta bed..

on April 12, 2004 01:54 PM Rose said:

*burp* Beer with sake. Rock on.

I want to see the flowerbed picture.

Hey, you've been here for me while mine's gone, I'll be there for you when yours is gone. AND we're going to get to drink together. What could possibly be better than that?

on April 12, 2004 02:17 PM amber said:

TCWH, where is D.H. going? my brother is still in baghdad, and we aren't sure when he'll be home though we thought it may be june. keep us posted.

on April 12, 2004 03:05 PM nongirlfriend said:

Unfortunately, I must stop drinking for at least a week until the belly/ass disease (aka 48 hour virus) is long gone and my stomach recuperates enough to handle the vodka.

So binge a few times for me, will ya?

on April 12, 2004 08:33 PM Surfcat said:

I think that it's very cool that you "get excited and run to the door whenever my husband gets home." We should all be so lucky! Now back to the same old BLOG ...

on April 13, 2004 06:59 AM Simon said:

I'm with Surfcat - getting excited when your hubby comes home is what should be happening - it means you're happy and in love.

on April 13, 2004 07:12 AM Alex said:


The bad thing about running people into here is that I don't really like them. I don't WANT the commander's wife to remember that I told her husband off. I like to be drunk and anonymous. Alcholic Anonymous, if you will :)

on April 13, 2004 07:13 AM Alex said:


Being in a gutter would have been much better as it means I would have been ALONE! As it was, I have hazy snippets of dancing in a club the size of a postage stamp in the middle of a circle of people. Not the rep I want!

on April 13, 2004 07:15 AM TCWH said:


I hear you I hear you. Could you fly over here and pretend to be me a couple of days? Between the kids and the classes and the husband leaving, I'm starting to feel a little whelmed! I'll let you know when it gets to overwhelmed.

on April 13, 2004 07:17 AM TCWH said:


I laughed out loud when I read about the belly/ass disease. HA! You put it so succinctly. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to binge as much as I did in my college days, so how's about we rotate?

on April 13, 2004 07:21 AM TCWH said:

SC and Simon (well you know my name is Simon...),

I agree, although I feel stupid admitting stuff like that...I have been in several relationships before where I thought I was in love, and little by little, the small gestures stopped. And although it was just a little one here and there, after the course of a couple of months, I was left with nothing, and realized that the relationship was in fact over. SO, I keep up the little gestures (unless of course, I'm blogging) cuz they count.

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