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Doin' the time to get the dime. Her Momma did NOT raise her to drink cheap champagne.

May 01, 2004

Things That Make You Go "Sluttiness. It's Making a Comeback!"

As y'all can see, I am completely procrastinating again. Jumping from blog to blog versus doing my US Constitution reading. It really is fascinating stuff, but when it is 70' outside, I'd rather be inside at the computer, hunched in the dark. Just kidding. I just came in to turn the music down and check something out.

And I stumbled upon, via Dana, this little gem . From what I could stomach, it is a bunch of women who are going out to bars, and if they feel a spark (but seriously, folks, who doesn't feel a little spark after the 3rd cocktail? You'll never know whether it was the rancid cheese sticks or that shot of tequila, but damnit! You'll have another notch in your bepost!) , *ahem* servicing our G.I's who are about to be deployed under the clever name of Operation: Take One For the Country.

What I love about this:
1.) How many times have men been asked to "jump on the grenade", or "take one for the team", insinuating that they shag the ugly chick so that the rest of their buddies can get laid? Never in my life have I seen this attitude so prominently displayed so proudly than on a military base. And let's face it, just because you are a G.I. does not mean that you have the physique or facial features of your hero and mine, G.I. Joe. Or Goose or Maverick. (Tangent! Tangent! At Happy Hour at the Officer's Club last night, we encountered a gaggle of F-16 fighter pilots, with their call signals on their uniforms. For your perusal...RAM, SQUAWK, JINX, and SHOCK. I remarked to DH that none of them appeared to be married as they didn't have rings on, and he scoffed and said, "They're TDY. They're on the prowl. No rings." They looked and carried themselves as if they were the high school equivalent of the football team. They struck me as rather arrogant. Although, if I could do shit like that, I suppose I'd be a little arrogant, too. BUT, bar etiquette? No points for you, gentlemen, unzipping your flight suits and coyly sniffing your armpits did not win any points with the men, women, or children present at Happy Hour) I like that an organization of primarily women is dedicated to this. Publicly.

What I abhor about this:
1.) These women are NOT JOKING. They are very serious about sending these men off with smiles on their faces and boosts on their egos. This is fucking ridiculous. How long have women fought to appear as more than sexual objects in the public eye? FOR FUCKING EVER. When faced with accusations that they are prostituting themselves, they responded by calling the accusatory women "femi-nazi's" and some ridiculous slang for bitch, reducing the entire argument to a drunken fingernail scratching, hair pulling chick fight in the girl's bathroom at INSERT BAR WHERE YOUNG HORNY PEOPLE HANG OUT HERE, without the jello. That's right. Unite the rest of our country by pointing fingers and calling them names. I AM all about supporting our troops, but if the most effective thing that you can think of doing is spreading your legs and letting him blow his load (because what is it really after a drunken night in the bar? *True Love* ?!) albeit safely (because we should always practice safe sex!) before smacking him on the ass and saying, "Good LUCK over There!" well, then, I am baffled. Let's analyze this. How long does a man stay sexually satisfied, anyway? Men? I'd say about 10 minutes, if that. He'll be thinking about the next time he's gonna hit it before he gets on the damn plane! Want to make a more effective statement? Send him a sexy picture for him to use as um...*stimulation*. Send him a package of food! I know for certain they get tired of the same ol' same ol' at the chow hall (Yes. I realize this would be a most fortuitous place for a wonderful PUN, but alas, I am blank. I'll leave y'all the honors) . These women also assume that a little nookie is going to boost these men's egos. Why? Is everyone in your "battalion" Carmen Electra Double D worthy? I know that all. most. all. most. all. no, most. no, all men want to get some, but isn't that stereotyping men, as well? Even if it isn't, I just had to put it out there, for the sensitive ones.

Additionally, what if the poor guy is so stressed out about going to WAR that he can't get it up? What'll that do to his ego?

BLEAGH. Back to my Constitutional reading. Just some Saturday Thoughts for y'all! You know, because I really, really care.

on May 1, 2004 04:39 PM Marianne said:

Painfully obvious there, yet such a universally stereotypical occurence?situation? that its become desensitized...are ya "pickin' up what I'm puttin' down here?"...basically, I concurr.

on May 1, 2004 10:31 PM viptir said:

just thought I'd throw out that "jumping on a grenade" is a stereotype that was only added late in the Korean conflict and in Nam. It was done by gloryseekers and idiots, not much difference between the two. Any of the "old hands" - like Grandpa, will tell you that it was easier and quicker to bat the grenade away with your hand or foot. If you saw the guy pull the pin and throw immediately, he said you had enough time to catch it and throw it back. not really about your topic, but I think you did a great comparison the sheer idiocy of grenade-jumpers and these girls. it's not heroic, it's not a sacrifice for the good, it's just plain moronic.

on May 2, 2004 12:21 AM rachel said:

..........I don't even know what to say.
Stay the f*ck away from Gary unless you want your tits ripped off. That's what I have to say. However I'm very hung over on an EARLY Saturday morning so perhaps I'll be more vicious later. :)

on May 2, 2004 09:59 AM Alex said:


Yes, I'm putting down what you're picking up. Unfortunately for these girls, they are picking up what everyone else is putting down! :)

on May 2, 2004 10:00 AM Alex. said:


Thank you for the compliment AND the history lesson. I am always interested in the origins of sayings like these. There's a book out there somewhere addressing matters like these, but damned if I can find it! :)

on May 2, 2004 10:03 AM Alex said:


Rip your tits off! Hee! What a graphic visual. Although perhaps I would not have found it so offensive if this were more of a random thing, it did bother me that they bus themselves to areas where the men will be out and about. This reeks of desperation to me, not heroism.

on May 4, 2004 10:55 PM Ted said:

I think that turned out to be a hoax, although a lot of people fell for it.

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